Friday July 10th, 2020
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Alternative High School Programs

The Alternative High School Programs are recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education. Since their inception in 1993, the ROE #3 Alternative High School Programs has served more than 550 students in search of their high school diploma or GED.

Who do we serve?
Students age 14 to 21 who reside in Bond, Fayette, Effingham or Montgomery Counties and have dropped out or are at risk of dropping out of school. Many factors put a student at risk of dropping out: truancy, teen pregnancy, low achievement, discipline problems, poor peer relations, mental/physical health, and more.
What do the Alternative High School Programs offer?
We offer high school credit courses so a student may work toward his/her diploma. Skill classes to prepare a student for passage of the GED test are also available. Work-based learning as well as life skills are an important part of the curriculum. Class size is smaller than the regular school so more individualized attention is available. We can also arrange class schedules to meet a student’s graduation requirements or even a student’s work/family schedule. There are no tuition charges; only a book fee that can be waived in times of financial stress. Our partnerships with various community agencies and schools help provide our students with additional services such as daycare, parenting classes, transportation, probation visits, counseling, and more. 
How can you enroll in an Alternative High School Program?
Call us! Anyone may refer a student who has dropped out school to one of the Alternative High School Programs
Currently enrolled students should seek assistance through their school counselor. To be referred, a referral form is completed and submitted. As space becomes available, referred students are interviewed by staff to ensure that a successful enrollment is possible. Accepted students are those who show a genuine desire to continue their education. These students will take responsibility for past mistakes and look positively toward future success. They will be prepared to commit themselves to receiving an education. Enrollment is limited so a waiting list is maintained. Enrollment is not guaranteed and an invitation to enroll may be revoked based on student behavior. For more information, browse through our student handbook.

You earn what you learn. Don’t be a dropout;
choose to be educated.

New Approach Alternative High School
1500 Jefferson St. Vandalia, IL  62471
(618) 283-9311
Aspire Alternative High School
900 W Edgar, Effingham, IL  62401
(217) 342-2865
YES - North Alternative High School
113 N Schools St., Raymond, IL 62560
(217) 229-4320


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